Our range of activity includes

  • Refurbish of ground floors, stairways, bathrooms
  • Tables, window sills made of marble, granite
  • Terrazzo and artificial stone with diamond wet cutting technique

Diamond wet cutting technique:

  • All types of natural stone are a natural and living material. The usage of chemical products, as practised by many building cleaners, again and again only seals the surface area and with it the dirt inside the pores. The real damages of the stone are not fixed by this. (Cosmetics)
  • Through the diamond wet cutting technique the stone gets back his original beauty. We grind away the damaged surface area in the range of millimeters, until a flat surface occurs. After this the floor will be ground and compressed in many different grinding passes with more and more fine grainings. According to requirements our grinding machines will be charged with varying tools (different diamond grainings, different binding hardness). An electronically guided torque, the necessary rotation speed and the correct tool pressure on the floor as well as top trained grinding teams ensure best results.

Thereby all additionally upcoming tasks like:

  • Removal of blotches
  • Effusion of holes with coloured resins
  • Replacement of destroyed floor plates
  • Correction of destroyed grooves are also handled by us and produce an optimal work result

After the refurbishment our customers also receive a recommendation for further maintenance and cleaning. The continous and correct maintenance of the natural stone saves the result of the refurbishment, depending on the floor loading, over years.

Our guaranteed result:

  • After the refurbishment the floor looks like new. You will hardly recognize it.

The advantages of the natural stone refurbishment

  • The existing natural stone floor must not be costly replaced!
  • We recover the representative and brilliant appearance of your floor!
  • Time- and cost-saving maintenance - up to 50% less!
  • Your property will increase in value!
  • The risk of accident by slipping will be reduced!
  • No losses in turnover by closing the establishment!
  • Your course of business will not be affected!
  • Through the correct maintenance you can save the new condition over years!
  • A clean and hygienic surface will be produced!
  • Your customers will be lasting enthusiastic about the high gloss and flair!
  • Your staff will work more motivated in an enhanced environment!
  • Image enhancement through splendor, heat and rich coloring!
  • The achievement of your marketing goals will be supported through the refurbished floor!
  • Noise stress is minimal!
  • There will be no smell!
  • Your customer traffic will hardly be affected! (If desired, we also work at night)

Who benefits from our service?

  • All who have a new floor and want to protect it against dirt.
  • All who have a slick floor which is not according to the security rules of the Accident Prevention & Insurance Association.
  • All who want to protect themselves against claims for compensation caused by accidents being connected with slick floors.
  • All who have a dirty and lightly scratched natural stone floor.
  • All who have a heavy scratched or worn out floor.
  • All insurances for which we can repair insured losses.
  • All natural stone wholesalers which want to recommend their customers a professional maintenance.
  • All who work with natural stone wanting to help their customers to keep their pleasure over years.
  • All who want to save money by the refurbishment of their natural stone areas.
  • All companies who set a high value on a representative greeting of their guests and customers and who want to create lasting good memories.
  • All who want a new marble floor being ground flat and mirror-like from the first day on. (Also grooves are ground flat)
  • All architects who want to provide their customers with best results for new and worn out floors.
  • All whose goal is conservation of value.

Our guarantee:

  • Your worn out floor will look like new after the refurbishment / refinement. It will be even out, ground flat, polished and hardened, impregnated and sure-footed. Through our unique Refurbishment / Refinement it is always possible to recover the new condition of the natural stone floor especially the expensive marble with low efforts and costs.
  • Your new floor has a flat surface from the beginning and is mirror-like, hardened, impregnated and sure-footed.

What you should know about marble

Natural stone floors, especially made of marble and granite, are pieces of jewelry on which everybody is allowed to walk. Natural stone floors provide rooms with a noble, representative appearance and flair.

Enemies of your noble natural stones: Dirt, scratches, wearout and blotches 

Precious floors made of natural or artificial stone which are frequently used by many people are blotchy, dull and scratched after a short period of time. The causers are sand, stones, dirt and fluids which are brought into the buildings on a daily basis. There helps no wet cleaning or polishing to restore the original representative and beautiful appearance.

Marble is a lime stone. Lime has the characteristic to dissipate and is attacked by acids. Many acidic products are used in housekeeping like fruit juice, wine and vinegar but also many sanitary cleaners and softening agents. All this products attack marble and destroy the surface.

Porous stones increase the risk of getting dirty. Fluids and dirt can infiltrate the surface deeply and can only be removed heavily.

In addition especially the precious marble has a comparatively low surface hardness. This leads to a lower wear resistance in comparison to other types of natural stone or ceramic materials. Because of this scratches occur quickly and the surface wears out and flags.


There are two possibilities of problem solving:

  • Remove the worn out natural stone floor and replace it with a new one.
    Disadvantage: This method is connected with long closures of the buildings, dirt, noise and high costs
  • The mechanical refurbishment and refinement of the existing floor through our used diamond wet cutting technique.
    Disadvantage: None.
Marmor-Glanz Bremen Fussbodenveredelungs GmbH
Sandgracht 24 - 52457 Aldenhoven
Geschäftsführer: Diter Kontny
Tel: 02464-90 79 21 - Fax: 02464-90 79 29
Marmor-Glanz-Natursteinbodenrenovierungs GmbH
Pfarrstraße 138 - 10317 Berlin
Geschäftsführer: Wolfgang Gellert
Tel: 08000 777 444 - Fax: +49 (0) 30 68 08 61 40


Marmor-Glanz Bremen Fussbodenveredelungs GmbH
Sandgracht 24 - 52457 Aldenhoven
Geschäftsführer: Diter Kontny
Tel: 02464-90 79 21 - Fax: 02464-90 79 29

Marmor-Glanz-Natursteinbodenrenovierungs GmbH
Pfarrstraße 138 - 10317 Berlin
Geschäftsführer: Wolfgang Gellert
Tel: 08000 777 444 - Fax: +49 (0) 30 68 08 61 40